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Official eBrochure: Virtual CCA Fair 2021 (Updated)

This year’s strange circumstances call for a deviation from normalcy, so the Year 1 Students are provided with this E-brochure (brought to you by The Journalism Club!) offering an overview of the various CCA options available in NUS High School, along with links to additional information such as video performances and achievement records of eachContinue reading “Official eBrochure: Virtual CCA Fair 2021 (Updated)”


Renee shares on her views and experiences with physical activities.

Internal Monologues

By Renee Ah yes, internal monologues, a familiar part of lower year narrative writing skills. We are taught that the internal monologue should ‘show’ the character’ feelings and thoughts. It should also be written in a more casual tone and include punctuation like ellipses to show the thoughts breaking off naturally. One thing has always bugged me. Do people actuallyContinue reading “Internal Monologues”

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