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Journsplit: Moana (ft. choir!)

Join Eliora, Rei, and a special guest (!!) as they dive deep into Disney’s Moana. Have you ever thought about the theme of Identity in the film? What about how the music ties into it?

Journsplit: A Pocket Full of Rye

Bewilderment, anxiety and distrust ensue at Yewtree Lodge when a businessman with a less-than-likable personality is brutally poisoned while at work, and when this mystery is found to reference events from the past, the confusion skyrockets. Aditi and Debraath discuss Revenge, Justice, Familial Conflict and Fragility of Trust – four profound themes at the heart of A Pocket Full of Rye – along with some fun Easter eggs hidden in the book, in the final episode that wraps up the Agatha Christie miniseries!

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