Submissions Guidelines

Calliope is open to school-wide submissions. Please adhere to the submission guidelines below and submit to Clarisse Choo at

The deadline to make next month’s issue is the 10th of every month (i.e. works submitted by 10th March will be queued for the April publication).

  1. Submissions should be accompanied by your name, class, and an excerpt from your piece (around 2-3 lines will do). Take note that this need not be a summary, although you may replace the excerpt with an author’s note or a mini-introduction if you wish.
  2. Upper word limit for prose submissions is 10000 words. If you wish to publish a story longer than that, we can release the story in chapters of around 5000 words (one chapter per issue). Works based on other works (including works based on songs or novels) will be considered only on a case-by-case basis. Derivative fiction, such as fanfiction, will not be considered. There are other avenues for that, such as AO3 or your personal web-journal.
  3. Upper line limit for poetry submissions is 80 lines. We accept original poetry regardless of form or genre. However, epic-length submissions, or any poetry submissions exceeding the line limit, will be rejected without consideration.
  4. We encourage responsibility for your work. While recognising the right to freedom of expression and the power of creative media in exploring controversial issues, we also demand that writers be accountable for their work, and aim to offer a safe space for readers and creators to the best of our ability. We will not accept any work that promotes hate or ignorance against members of cultural, racial, religious or other groups, inclusive of prejudice, cultural appropriation, or exoticism.
  5. We request trigger warnings be included if they are applicable to your work. Authors write for audiences of diverse backgrounds and varying sensibilities. We are committed to maintaining a safe space for all our readers. If your content includes potentially uncomfortable or traumatic situations for readers, please specify the situation(s) such that readers can choose to avoid reading it.
  6. Also please include a warning if your work contains any of the following: self-harm; character death, including suicide; violence; abuse/assault; incest; sexual violence and reference to sexual scenes of dubious consent or non-consent; and anything else which you have reason to believe may trigger a post-traumatic response in a reader. Owing to the varying sensibilities of audience members, strong language should be restricted to the essential minimum and warned for. Works with explicit sexual content or graphic violence may be rejected. Works without a warning may have warnings added if the editors find it applicable.
  7. For text submissions, please submit your work either in the body text of your email message, or in .doc / .docx format.
  8. The editors reserve the right to determine whether submitted works relate to the theme and meet submission guidelines.