By Renee Pudding means different things to different people. I always thought it meant a sweet, wobbly substance, like caramel custard. However, the term ‘pudding’ covers a wide range of foods, from sweet to savory. Pudding as a term for savory food is mainly in the United Kingdom or Commonwealth countries, while the rest ofContinue reading “Pudding”

Why You Should Watch Figure Skating

Figure skating is a well-known sport across the world, but how many people in Singapore actually follow it? In Singapore, there are 3 ice rinks in total, including the only Olympic-size one at JCube. Many people go there on the weekends to skate, yet not many pursue figure skating as a serious hobby or career.Continue reading “Why You Should Watch Figure Skating”

Internal Monologues

By Renee Ah yes, internal monologues, a familiar part of lower year narrative writing skills. We are taught that the internal monologue should ‘show’ the character’ feelings and thoughts. It should also be written in a more casual tone and include punctuation like ellipses to show the thoughts breaking off naturally. One thing has always bugged me. Do people actuallyContinue reading “Internal Monologues”

Faces in Objects

By Renee Faces. They are everywhere. Most are on people of course, but have you seen faces in objects too? Pareidolia is the tendency to see patterns or human-like features in random inanimate things. A famous example is in Chinese folklore, about the “moon rabbit”. (Although, personally, I don’t really see that one!) This all comes down to humanContinue reading “Faces in Objects”