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Open House 2019

Photo Credits to Yvette By Yvette 13th April 2019, Saturday, saw thousands of students and parents alike flocking to NUS High, jam-packing the concourse, canteen and hall. Our floors felt the footsteps of potential students trodding all over it, visiting booth after booth in the concourse, and exploring every inch of our school in the school tour. Open House 2019 called magnitudes of students back to school on a Saturday morning to man various booths for parents and students to marvel and participate in. In the concourse, subject and interest group booths lined the pathways. In the hall, CCA booths captured everyone’s attention with their displays. Not to mention, right smack at the entrance of the hall were colourful infographics explaining our school’s four houses- Faraday, Fibonacci, Faraday and Nobel.  In the midst of all this activity, the flash mobs returned yet again this year to put on an invigorating mashup of mass dances from previous years’. The dance club jammed to songs that were sure to have conjured up memories for the older students. …

Research Congress 2019

Photo Credits to Oviya By Oviya Over 130 posters from NUS High, local, and overseas schools stood mounted in the school hall, marking Wednesday 20th of February as NUS High’s 12th Research Congress. This annual event is the culmination of our students’ efforts on their research journeys spanning months. Mrs Lee spoke of the resilient spirit of researchers as embodied by Nobel Laureate Frances H. Arnold in her opening speech; as an inspiration for our own students. Thereafter, in his keynote address as Guest of Honour, Research Director and Senior Consultant Neurologist at the National Neuroscience Institute, Professor Tan Eng King shared about his research on growing midbrains, a momentous milestone in drug research that facilitated further research into the human brain to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s. Professor Tan also shared about his education path, one that was not devoid of failures, but with persistence and resilience, he was eventually able to taste success. The presentation of the Inspiring Research Mentor awards was next as an expression of appreciation to numerous dedicated research mentors …

Student Leaders’ Investiture 2019

By Shina and Janani The Student Leaders’ Investiture, or SLI, is an annual event welcoming the new student leaders while honouring the contributions of the existing and past student leaders. This year, the theme of SLI was Coalescence, which encapsulates the joining of different objects or elements to form one united body. This is symbolic of the structure of student leadership in our school, and emphasises the unity and interconnectivity of the different leadership boards to which we owe our success. Our principal Mrs Lee, emphasised the importance of teamwork using the analogy of a boy flying a kite. What makes the kite fly? The boy controlling the kite, the wind blowing the kite, or the kite’s tail keeping it steady? All three work together to keep the kite soaring in the sky. Mrs Lee also explains the significance of every individual.  Elden Yap, the outgoing president of the 14th student council, encouraged the new student leaders to embrace change as well as the challenges that come along with it, stressing the importance of doing …

Speech Day 2019

By Cayden and Debraath The annual NUS High Speech Day acknowledges and celebrates the academic and holistic accomplishments of our students. The ceremony started off with a performance by NUS High’s Dance Club. Following this, Mrs Lee delivered her address, welcoming the Year 1s and reviewing the events of Orientation 2019. She also highlighted the achievements of our students, which included our students’ participation in ISEF 2018, volunteer work done by a group of students who travelled to Cambodia last December, and various national and international achievements. In addition, Mrs Lee announced that a book concerning NUS High’s short but composite history would be published. Our Guest Of Honour, Mr Tan Kiat How, CEO of IMDA, gave an engaging presentation on cybersecurity in this digital age. His light-hearted presentation incited many laughs from the audience.  After this, the awards were presented to our students. Finally, the principal thanked the staff who have nurtured our students and led the school to success. She also presented an artwork to Mr Tan as a show of our appreciation. …

Quest for the Purapura Leaves

Photo Credits to the Media Club By Debraath This year, the Year 2s were presented with an unprecedented opportunity to go for an overnight camp at the Dairy Farm Outdoor Learning Adventure Camp for three days. The excited students gathered in school on the first morning of orientation, eagerly awaiting the buses that would take them to the campsite. On the first day, the students got to familiarise themselves with their new classes and played games and icebreakers to get to know their classmates better. After getting to know each other and having their lunch, they got to try out low element activities such as wall climbing. In the process, the Year 2s learned that trusting and supporting one another was key in succeeding in the low elements. Furthermore, as part of class bonding efforts, each class had to design their own flag and hide it within the campground. They were also tasked with finding the flags of the other classes over the course of the camp. On the second day, the campers faced their …

Ignitus 2019 – Finale

By Janani

After days of battling bioweapons and satisfying the spirits, Orientation 2019 was finally coming to an end. Students dressed in red, yellow, green and blue huddled together on the track and grandstand, chattering excitedly as they awaited the ever-exciting finale. This year, as a delightful addition to the traditional house floats, the Year 1 students put up commendable performances for all to enjoy. […]

Hackathon and MakerFest

By Dayrius and Cayden

On 25 August 2018, NUS High held its inaugural Hackathon and Makerfest. The event was packed with workshops and exhibitions showcasing the power of engineering in solving real-world problems. The Engineering Interest Group (EIG) organised multiple activities, including Hovercraft construction, Arduino and TinkerCad workshops. Primary school students learnt the basic physics of a hovercraft and tried their hands at building one out of readily available materials.

External organisations chipped in with DSO coordinating Hack-a-Toy, […]