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Journalists 2018

about the writers, 2018.


jelly – a poem

by yvette

A plate of jelly, brightly-coloured but dull
Lay dejectedly on the kitchen table
Reluctantly abandoned but not forgotten
Clumsily made by small hands […]

Total Defence Day 2018

By Cayden Soh and Yvette Low

“I then realised that I was not here to fight a war…” Mr Surya paused, watching the student audience’s response, before adding, “but to serve the country.”

On 14th February, Mr Surya, a former Army regular […]

Orientation 2018: Rise of a New Era

By Yvette, Shina and Cherry

Orientation 2018 started out with a war. Anthelyon lived peacefully on its own for millions of years, until the technologically superior Xeltros initiated contact from half a billion kilometers away. The fragile relationship between the two planets broke when President Winter of Xeltros was assassinated leading to a declaration of war on Anthelyon. In these dark times, Project Orion was born: 4 elite soldiers equipped with the latest cybernetic enhancements as […]

Colourfusion 2017

By Yvette Low
Colourfusion is a biennial event that gives students a platform to showcase their talents outside of Math and Science. This year, various performing art clubs have outdone themselves to provide an entertaining night for all. […]