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At & Behind the Scenes of Orientation 2018

Quotes straight from the team, and more!
“I think Decor Committee agrees generally that the best part of this year was the mech and the weapons, but our hearts broke along with the weapons on finale night.” ~ Kai Yan


Orientation 2018: Rise of a New Era

By Yvette, Shina and Cherry

Orientation 2018 started out with a war. Anthelyon lived peacefully on its own for millions of years, until the technologically superior Xeltros initiated contact from half a billion kilometers away. The fragile relationship between the two planets broke when President Winter of Xeltros was assassinated leading to a declaration of war on Anthelyon. In these dark times, Project Orion was born: 4 elite soldiers equipped with the latest cybernetic enhancements as […]

Colourfusion 2017

By Yvette Low
Colourfusion is a biennial event that gives students a platform to showcase their talents outside of Math and Science. This year, various performing art clubs have outdone themselves to provide an entertaining night for all. […]

Blackfish Review

By Yvette Low

I believe the larger issue Blackfish was commenting on was that animals should not be caged or used as a cheap entertainment for monetary gain. They deserve as much liberty as humans and should not be taken away from their natural habitat […]

Your Name

By Yvette Low

From the director of 5 Centimetres per Second comes the critically acclaimed Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name), a film that has topped the charts on My Anime List, ranking above hit shows like Gintama and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and receiving stellar reviews on sites like Rotten […]


By Yvette Low

At first glance, one might think Block 39 of Bedok South a dull and uneventful place but underneath this guise of serenity lies a cheerful, festive town bubbling with activity. It has no shortage of shops and markets nearby, […]