Politics (by Lionel)

A million people stood before Grant Bosman in Swansford Central Plaza. He spoke of empty promises, bizarre claims, and ridiculous ideologies. It was one man with a voice—a voice so heavy that it paradoxically shook the hearts of many and questioned norms. But amidst this absurdity, what captured everyone’s attention was that Bosman was standing to give a show, putting up the front that he was collaborative leader instead of playing hero. But that’s when he slowly spun the interest to his favor– the show he was giving turned out to be spectacular. Everyone was intrigued by the notion of paradise; and something aboutContinue reading “Politics (by Lionel)”

Politics (by Ming Hong)

On the 16th of July, Alfred Denzel woke up to the chime of an alarm. Striding towards the calendar, he scrutinised his minute notes on that date – on which he had noted the big day – the start of his election campaign. A smile curled over his vacant face as he relished the destructionContinue reading “Politics (by Ming Hong)”

Politics (by Joseph)

The people watched as their new leader walked up to the stand, preparing his speech. He was an old man, and had served in the military for much of his life. To some, his mind never left it; he had made his intentions of strengthening the military quite clear. Many questioned his ability to rule,Continue reading “Politics (by Joseph)”

How Not To Politics (by Jovern)

It was a morning like any other. However, a grumpy shout pierced through the tranquil silence.  “Margaret! Come look at this,” a stout middle-aged man beckoned as he read the daily papers, reclining on his favourite velvet armchair.   “The Shlimmaps were able to pass a bill for the legalisation of Mutwood. It’s a dangerous hallucinogenic! I can’t believe there are so many reckless delusional folk supporting it. Don’t they worry about their children? It’s outrageous!” He singled out aContinue reading “How Not To Politics (by Jovern)”

Politics (by Cayden)

A bull is elected to presidency in a nation of glass-people. Chaos ensues.  “Do you, Bull Bullman, solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will faithfully execute the office of Glassblower, and will to the best of your ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United Plates?”  “Moooo.”  In the first row of seats,Continue reading “Politics (by Cayden)”