Politics (by Joseph)

The people watched as their new leader walked up to the stand, preparing his speech. He was an old man, and had served in the military for much of his life. To some, his mind never left it; he had made his intentions of strengthening the military quite clear. Many questioned his ability to rule, but his words were loud enough to drown the opposing noise. 
His first acts should have been worrying. He reduced the budget for education, for in his eyes, the younger generation was useless. Why waste money on those who couldn’t work or fight, when he could spend it on protecting the nation? He cut the budget for health services; they were less important than the army. Some were concerned about his decisions; some tried to flee the country. Most, however, didn’t care or were supportive of his changes. He spoke with a forked tongue of great ambitions and uttered hollow words. 

A few weeks passed by, and his actions became more drastic. The education sector was shaken by further budget cuts as he spent more and more of the national treasury on manufacturing nuclear weapons. Foreign relations were strained, the economy was tanking, and crime was at an all-time high, but military prowess was the only thing the president cared for. 

Two months in, and the country was falling. The economy was in shambles and no one could leave or enter. The government had to use up most of its funds to keep basic, essential utilities. In contrast, the military was thriving, and many had flocked to enlist, as those in it  were the few who were well paid. The president had watched, overjoyed. This was his plan; an undefeatable nation. 

The people watched as the invaders stormed the president’s quarters, holding him at gunpoint. For all the focus on the army, they were let through without a fight. 

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