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Journspit – Part 1 JournSPLit!

The pilot episode of Journspit features timely and subjective reporting on issues ranging from the global to the local. What’s that? This is old news? No it’s not. 🙂 Hey, school! We are Journspit, where Journsplit tries our hand at comedy for the first time. Doing ELIGs job. But funnier. Bringing you the top headlines *we* think are relevantContinue reading "Journspit – Part 1"
  1. Journspit – Part 1
  2. Journsplit: Ratatouille
  3. Journsplit: Phineas and Ferb
  4. Journsplit: Shrek
  5. Chersplit! – Mr Sim
  6. Chersplit! – Mr Joseph
  7. Chersplit! – Ms Gordon
  8. Journsplit: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Part B)
  9. Journsplit: West Side Story
  10. Journsplit: Encanto

~ Check out our other past episodes! ~

Journsplit: Death On The Nile JournSPLit!

Aditi and Debraath talk about the intriguing themes in one of Agatha Christie’s world-renowned masterpieces: Death on the Nile! Do you find the shift in Jackie’s character arc fascinating? Ever wondered how Agatha Christie got the inspiration to write a novel set in such a unique holiday destination?

Journsplit: And Then There Were None JournSPLit!

Part 1 of our Agatha Christie miniseries! Aditi and Debraath talk about Dame Agatha’s eventful life and analyse the themes of one of her best-known works: And Then There Were None! Did you marvel at the buildup of paranoia as the story progressed? Were you intrigued by the moral ambiguity of Justice Wargrave?

Journsplit: Frozen 2 JournSPLit!

Eliora and Rei discuss the second installment of the well-loved Frozen franchise. Have you ever wondered about the significance of All is Found to the movie’s plot? Or the differences between Anna and Elsa?

Journsplit: Titanic JournSPLit!

Skylar and Lokesh explore an all-time classic: Titanic. Have you ever thought about the theme of the class divide, the parallels to the actual sinking, or how the music impacts the film?

Journsplit: Wall-E JournSPLit!

Rei and Eliora break down the science-fiction Pixar classic – have you ever thought about why Wall-E and Eve are gendered? Or how they seem even more relatable and human than the actual humans in the story? Now you can listen to us talk about it!
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