cayden’s capricious commentaries

Welcome to Cayden’s column! Ask Cayden any burning questions you have via our Instagram page and wait to see his witty replies!

Disclaimer: This column is purely for fun and nothing is meant to be taken too seriously.

Questions!Cayden’s insightful responses!
In these trying times, where do you think humanity, as a concept, is meandering towards?Your question contains a lot of assumptions. ‘Meandering’ assumes that we are heading in a direction, however obliquely. However reassuring it may be that we are moving towards a final state, the fact of the matter is that said direction has, in the past 6000 years of organised society, failed to emerge. I can’t answer where we are heading, only where I, personally, am headed, which is to bed, ignoring all of the homework that was due last week.
Tell us about the great eating contest of 2021.I was informed that someone was conducting an eating competition, and that i was invited. There was no entry fee, and the only information I was told was that my sole opponent had previously defeated at least 3 people earlier. The only logical response to being told that someone would pay for your meal in an eating competition where your opponent starts with a full stomach is to agree to it. As a fan of logic and reason, I merely claimed my free lunch.

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