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Journalists 2018

about the writers, 2018.



by cayden

I run to the swanky restaurant,
My dad’s words in my head.
“We’re having a fancy reunion dinner tonight.”
I lick my lips at the thought […]

dynamite – a fictional account

by cayden

(Note: this is a completely fictional account about of how Emil Oskar Nobel, brother of Alfred Nobel, died from the accidental detonation of Nitroglycerin, and the effect of it on Alfred as well as on the creation of dynamite.)

Heleneborg, Sweden, 1864
The Nobel’s armaments factory […]

Total Defence Day 2018

By Cayden Soh and Yvette Low

“I then realised that I was not here to fight a war…” Mr Surya paused, watching the student audience’s response, before adding, “but to serve the country.”

On 14th February, Mr Surya, a former Army regular […]