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Why is the sky blue? Why do writers write? Such age-old questions have deceptively simple premises that hint at answers that are not so straightforward. Fortunately, the latter can be answered by our writers here at nushpress, who will go above and beyond the typical vague response of “I’ve always loved writing,” […]


Often, we think of truth to be made up of indisputable facts. But are they? […]


Jelly – most remember it as a favourite childhood treat, the perennial staple of any celebration. Otherwise, it makes for a great go-to snack on midnight refrigerator raids, or as an outlet to ponder nihilism. Wobbly like our emotions, soft like the hands of a first crush, sweet like a family gathering […]


A confounding conundrum which often plagues us is the case of the missing sock. Whether it’s one of our salaciously skin-tight stockings, or a warm winter sock, chances are we will not find it anywhere. Who knows where these sneaky creatures always slip off to? […]