why I write

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by clarisse 

editor’s note

Why is the sky blue? Why do writers write? Such age-old questions have deceptively simple premises that hint at answers that are not so straightforward. Fortunately, the latter can be answered by our writers here at nushpress, who will go above and beyond the typical vague response of “I’ve always loved writing,” because for them, their reasons for writing go far deeper.*

*(Contrary to popular belief, a healthy stock of sugary snacks and caffeinated beverages is not the only fuel that drives the well-oiled, article-churning machine that is our press team)

For some writers, it is the love for literature that inspires them to write something that the world needs to read. For others, writing is a cathartic release of pent-up emotions after a long day. But for almost every writer, their work becomes a lucid reflection of their own personalities, as well as an extension of their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Now whenever you spot a writer curled up in a quiet corner, fingers flying over their keyboard or pen dashing across their lined journal, you’ll be left to wonder what secrets are spilling out onto the page.

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