Student’s Leaders Investiture

By: Clarisse Choo and Shina Tan

The 12th annual Student Leaders’ Investiture was held on the 12th of February, 2017. On this special day, we honoured the contributions of our student leaders while acknowledging the next generation of leaders. This year, the theme was Beyond The Limit, which reminds students to push past their boundaries and maximise their potential.

The ceremony began with refreshing speeches made by Mrs Lee Bee Yan, Principal of NUS High School, and Jedidiah Koh, President of the 12th Student Council. In her speech, Mrs Lee spoke about a French civil servant’s ability to function normally despite missing 90 percent of his brain. He has achieved a feat previously thought of as impossible, a reminder to all of us that we too can break the barriers and reach beyond the limit. She also shared a video of an interview with Jack Ma, a man who struggled to attend college in his youth and faced countless rejections, but went on to found Alibaba Group, a multibillion dollar company. Ma’s success story is proof to all that hard work and perseverance can go a long way.

Following Mrs Lee’s speech, Jedidiah Koh, our 12th Student Council President took to the stage and was his usual humorous self, dropping anecdotes about the elections with a side of corny but well-received jokes.

Following this, the new generation of student leaders were introduced. The ceremony finally concluded with a speech by the President of the incoming 13th Student Council, Sean Sekine. His inspiring speech promised another exciting year of leadership for both students and student leaders alike.

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