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by shina

I love the English language. I think I always have, since the moment the words first wrapped around my tongue. I grew up with it, and I learned to love it, and I doubt I ever will stop. As a young girl, I discovered Enid Blyton, who cultivated my love for the stained yellow pages of old books from years passed. Then, as I got older, Jodi Picoult taught me the value of life, and what it meant to feel with all your heart. […]


Orientation 2018: Rise of a New Era

By Yvette, Shina and Cherry

Orientation 2018 started out with a war. Anthelyon lived peacefully on its own for millions of years, until the technologically superior Xeltros initiated contact from half a billion kilometers away. The fragile relationship between the two planets broke when President Winter of Xeltros was assassinated leading to a declaration of war on Anthelyon. In these dark times, Project Orion was born: 4 elite soldiers equipped with the latest cybernetic enhancements as […]

NUS High Oratorical Challenge

By Shina Tan

The NUS High Oratorical Challenge is an inaugural competition open to students from various primary schools, where more than 20 budding orators from schools all over Singapore stood in front of an audience of their peers, teachers and parents to share their stories and speeches. It is a test of […]