Student Leaders’ Investiture 2018 – Resonance

Photo Credits to Media Club

By Shina Tan

Student Leaders’ Investiture, or SLI, is an annual event held by our school to invest the new generation of student leaders and recognise the achievements of the previous generation. Student leaders and distinguished guests from various schools are also invited to witness the investiture of our student leaders.

For the 13th SLI, the theme was “Resonance”, a concept involving the physics of tuning forks. Much like a tuning fork, our student leaders drive the school to unite with one heart and one mind, as Mrs Lee Bee Yan, our Principal, shared in her speech. She emphasised the importance of an NUS High culture that reverberates with zeal and zest with a video, in which Anthony Holland, a musician, shared his findings about how playing two specific corresponding tones could shatter cells – a breakthrough in the global fight against cancer.

After Mrs Lee’s speech we enjoyed the marches by our student leaders, followed by speeches from Elden Yap and Sean Sekine Yoshitatsu, the current and previous president of the student council respectively. They acknowledged the effort that was put in and all that was accomplished in the last year, including that to better the school’s culture. Elden recognized the need for the student leaders to be more in tune with the interests of the general student population, assuring the school that this year will be an even better year for both the student leaders and the student population.


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