CNY Celebrations 2018

Photo Credits to Media Club

By Debraath

Being decorated with beautiful red lanterns and small ornaments made of red envelopes, the school environment was beautifully enhanced by the red accessories hanging around the school hall. Suddenly, a wave of silence came about and students looked at each other in anticipation. The school’s 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration was going to start!

First of all, we had a Chinese Orchestra performance. The beautiful song was pleasing to the ears and we were impressed by the musical skill of the performers. After that, we had a graceful dance performed by the Dance Club. With elegant moves and impressive synchronisation, they captivated the audience. It was a truly stunning display.

Following that, the 3rd language Chinese students performed a skit. It highlighted the notes of joy and jubilation that runs through family reunions every Chinese New Year. Then, the 3rd language students performed a song together. They sang a cheerful Chinese New Year song with infectious smiles.

Next was a quiz on Chinese heritage and cultural awareness titled “Who wants a 5.1 CAP for Chinese?” The educational quiz taught us about the various Chinese festivals and contributions to the world. After that, we had a tongue twister contest. Volunteers from the audience were asked to recite a tongue twister shown on the slides. For non-Chinese students and staff, it was certainly a challenge. However, many managed to read it and were rewarded with a small token of appreciation.

The choir also sang a medley of Chinese New Year songs. The harmony of their soothing voices was enjoyable. Lastly, the closing piece was another performance by the Chinese Orchestra.

Overall, It was an enthralling concert for all of us. “I got to learn more about the Chinese culture,” a Year 1 student commented. I would like to wish all students 新年快乐 (Xīn Nián Kuài Lè)!

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