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Total Defence Day 2018

By Cayden Soh and Yvette Low

“I then realised that I was not here to fight a war…” Mr Surya paused, watching the student audience’s response, before adding, “but to serve the country.”

On 14th February, Mr Surya, a former Army regular […]


Student Leaders’ Investiture 2018 – Resonance

By Shina Tan

Student Leaders’ Investiture, or SLI, is an annual event held by our school to invest the new generation of student leaders and recognise the achievements of the previous generation. Student leaders and distinguished guests from various schools are also invited to witness the investiture of our student leaders […]

CNY Celebrations 2018

By Debraath

Being decorated with beautiful red lanterns and small ornaments made of red envelopes, the school environment was beautifully enhanced by the red accessories hanging around the school hall. Suddenly, a wave of silence came about and students looked at each other in anticipation. The school’s 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration was going to start!

First of all, we had a Chinese Orchestra performance. […]