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At & Behind the Scenes of Orientation 2018

Quotes straight from the team, and more!
“I think Decor Committee agrees generally that the best part of this year was the mech and the weapons, but our hearts broke along with the weapons on finale night.” ~ Kai Yan


Sail Away

by jolie fong

you breathe a faint sigh, and i feel the assuaging warmth of your hand suddenly vanish from my shoulder. unease bounced off every inch of your porcelain skin, devouring the remains of the invisible red string tied between the two of us. […]

NSC Semifinals 2016

by Jolie Fong, Nwe Cherry Khine

After their triumph at the quarter finals with ACSI, Dunman High and Raffles Institution, the NUS High team made it to the semi-finals, where they faced two worthy competitors: SST and National Junior College. […]