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By Cherry Nwe

Suddenly, even staring at a wall becomes more interesting than sitting down and finishing that one important piece of work due the next day. And when you finally do sit down, it becomes difficult to concentrate with you considering, “Are there any breaks tomorrow that I can rush this math tutorial in?” […]

NSC Semifinals 2016

by Jolie Fong, Nwe Cherry Khine

After their triumph at the quarter finals with ACSI, Dunman High and Raffles Institution, the NUS High team made it to the semi-finals, where they faced two worthy competitors: SST and National Junior College. […]

Friendship Week 2016

By Cherry Nwe and Shina Tan

The ‘Total Friendship Rate (TFR)’ of NUS High had been dropping drastically – that is, until Friendship Week. The NUS High Student Council organized 3 days worth […]

Thingyan festival

By Cherry Nwe

I wake up eager and anxious, just like one would on Christmas morning.

Except that it’s not Christmas, and it’s not that early in the morning. Instead, it’s the first day of the သင်္ကြန် (“Thingyan”) festival in Myanmar. […]