National Day Celebration

By Cherry Nwe

NUS High’s National Day celebration this year was very much different from those of previous years, being more fun-packed and exciting this time round.

For starters, the 42nd Battalion of the Singapore Armoured Regiment (42SAR) had come down to our school specially to hold a 4-stationed activity for all the students. With an impressive setup of tanks and rifle shooting stations placed all around the school, students enjoyed the experience. They also gave us a chance to try out different types of army food, which turned out to be much better than what I expected. Seeing the school’s enthusiastic response, 42SAR even invited our school to head over to their location for a more wholesome and complete tour in the future. We are definitely looking forward to it!

Due to constraints this year, the parade was held in the hall instead of the field. Each contingent was represented by one or two members of its executive committee, a contrast to the usual crowd of 20 to 30 students. Marching into the music played by our school orchestra, our “contingents” did us proud this year as well.

Similar to last year, the school organised a National Day carnival before the concert. This year, booths in the carnival were MRT “stations”, with games at each booth being related to the history and background of the actual MRT station in Singapore. To include an educational aspect to the games, there were signages containing information about the MRT station put up around the concourse. The concourse was also decorated with plenty of red and white balloons and an “SG52” banner made up of origami hearts folded by our student population. Aside from the festivities, the ice cream uncle that came down to sell the classic treat for all our students and staff was undoubtedly the best part of the carnival.

One highlight of the concert was the NCC Freestyle Drill, where NCC marched to upbeat music and pop songs on stage, impressing the audience with their adapted dance moves. To end the day on a high note, National Day songs were performed by our very own students and choir during the concert.

With that, NUS High sincerely wishes Singapore a happy 52nd birthday!

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