Blackfish Review

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By Yvette Low

I believe the larger issue Blackfish was commenting on was that animals should not be caged or used as a cheap entertainment for monetary gain. They deserve as much liberty as humans and should not be taken away from their natural habitat. From the documentary, it is apparent that orcas live longer in the wild and I believe that Man should not tamper with the laws of Mother Nature.

The documentary was objective in a way that allows the viewer to form their own conclusions and opinions about the subject. The documentary was well researched with personal accounts and video evidences to support their statements. They did not shove any beliefs or opinions down our throat but instead simply gave a recount of what had happened in Sea World and allowed us to interpret it in whatever we wish. Although there seems to be a driving message behind the documentary, it was not suffocating and I believe we were given enough freedom to form our own thoughts and opinions.

I found the documentary extremely thought provoking and it begged the question if we really should be keeping such animals in horrid captivity. If activities like bull fighting are seen as barbaric and inhumane, why aren’t Orca shows, something that pulls creatures out of their natural habitat and force them to act as a circus animal for our own enjoyment, viewed in the same way? Although such shows seem friendlier and more playful, in actuality it’s just as cruel if you think about it.

I agree with the reviews. Blackfish has shed light on the tragic story behind Tilikum and the horrific stories behind the death of the trainers. It captures the essence of why keeping animals, especially naturally free roaming animals, can have terrible consequences. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary and think it shows an interesting perspective on the terrifying display of Seaworld.


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