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hey hey what’s next?

by borong

It’s 2012, and the Mark of Athena had just come out.

Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus, leaving us to wait a whole year just to find out what happens next. I’m not sure about you, but I spent most of that year coming up with how they could get out of Tartarus and win the war with the aid of the other members of the Seven (plus Nico) in just one more book […]

Dialogue with Eminent Scientists

By Yu BoRong

On January 24th, three distinguished scientists, Frances Arnold (Millennium Technology Prize 2016), Martin Chalfie (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2008) and Sir Fraser Stoddart (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016) participated in a dialogue session in our school centred around the theme, ‘Schools in 2050 […]


A confounding conundrum which often plagues us is the case of the missing sock. Whether it’s one of our salaciously skin-tight stockings, or a warm winter sock, chances are we will not find it anywhere. Who knows where these sneaky creatures always slip off to? […]