DSA Preview 2017: A Sneak Peek Into NUS High

By Yu BoRong

Held on August 12, this year’s annual DSA Preview welcomed the arriving P6 students with a ‘You Made It!’ sign put up on the pillar at the drop-off area. After making their way towards the registration booth at the concourse, they headed to the hall where refreshments were provided.

The students then proceeded to various venues for their sample lessons. They were spoilt for choice with the many subjects that were offered to them, from Da Vinci in the D&E labs to the sciences in their respective science labs, as well as the languages in the seminar rooms.

While the students enjoyed the lessons that were conducted by our teachers with the aid of student facilitators, their families waited in the back. Parents took the opportunity to speak to the head of the department in order to find out more about the curriculum being taught. There were also booths with some posters set up near the back entrance of each venue too for them to take a look at.

The lesson previews ended at 1:00pm, which also signalled the end of the DSA Preview. While many students went home with their family, some hung around in the concourse and chose to explore more of our school.

We hope that everyone was left with a good impression of our school and that we will see many of these new faces again in the coming year.

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