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Fidget Spinner

By Dayrius Tay

We live in an age of miniaturisation where people covet the tiny over the massive. Gone are the days where computers were the size of refrigerators and  speakers that took up the entire table. This inexplicable obsession […]


Canteen Article

By Dayrius Tay

Despite its altruistic aims, the Healthy Meals in School programme by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) often lead to a  mass exodus at 1pm as students flocked to nearby eateries in droves to seek out a greater variety of food. […]

Labs and Facilities in NUS High

By: Dayrius Tay

NUS High is a reputable high school located in Clementi, Singapore. Quoting from the official NUS High website, ‘Being the only independent school which specialises in the teaching of Math and Science, we aim to nurture well-rounded students with high aptitudes and passion in both disciplines. […]