National Day 2018

By Cherry

A revamp of an all-time favourite National Day song, this year’s simple theme, We Are Singapore focused on celebrating everyday Singaporeans – the shared identity and the Singaporean spirit amongst its citizens. In line with the nation’s objectives, NUS High’s festivities this year also centered around this theme.

Similar to the year before, the parade was held in the hall, with uniformed groups and leadership boards “contingents” marching in proudly to the rhythm played by the school orchestra. The parade progressed and ended smoothly. Following that, the different levels were dismissed to their respective venues for a sharing by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). During the talk, RSAF explained the importance of its role in protecting Singapore and gave students a better insight into the organisation. An alumni even came back to share his journey after NUS High and his experiences in the RSAF, giving the talk a more personal and relatable touch.

Another highlight of the festivities was undoubtedly the food fair, where external vendors came down to set up shop at the concourse and canteen. They sold local goodies like tutu kueh, kacang puteh, candy floss and the iconic $1 ice cream. Not only that, the school’s very own NUSH Cafe also contributed with their own assortment of special menu items such as muah chee, nasi lemak and chicken curry. With the long queues for every stall, the local food fair was evidently a hit with the students and staff!

Continuing the time-travelling trope from orientation, the concert followed main character Harvey throughout Singapore’s 53 years, from its independence to the very first Olympic gold medal won. Once again, NCC put up an impressive Freestyle Drill with a new addition of complex rifle drills. Talent Search winners, Supa Hot Fire also danced spectacularly to pop songs by Singaporean artists, while other student performers led a singalong of past years’ national day songs. The concert was wrapped up smoothly with choir singing “We Are Singapore”.

Waving the Singapore flag in unison and the sea of red and white celebrating Singapore’s history and shared identity, the Singapore spirit was definitely blooming in NUS High this year! 

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