Orientation 2021

From 4th to 6th January, Orientation greeted new and returning students. However, recruitment for Student Leaders started way back in July 2020. Once the Orientation Planning Team (OPT) was confirmed, planning of the numerous activities and events that would occur across the three days of orientation soon began. Dry runs for the planned games wereContinue reading “Orientation 2021”

Orientation 2018: Rise of a New Era

By Yvette, Shina and Cherry

Orientation 2018 started out with a war. Anthelyon lived peacefully on its own for millions of years, until the technologically superior Xeltros initiated contact from half a billion kilometers away. The fragile relationship between the two planets broke when President Winter of Xeltros was assassinated leading to a declaration of war on Anthelyon. In these dark times, Project Orion was born: 4 elite soldiers equipped with the latest cybernetic enhancements as […]