At & Behind the Scenes of Orientation 2018


At the Scene of Orientation 2018

Q: How do you feel about this year’s Orientation so far?

  • “Despite the lack of sleep I faced from staying in hostel, I felt that the activities were refreshing and enjoyable.” ~ Anonymous (Year 5)
  • “I appreciated how the OGLs worked hard to get us to participate in the house games to strengthen our school spirit.” ~ Malcolm Sow (Year 2)
  • “The side tasks were enjoyable. Being able to support my classmates participating in the main activity gave me a sense of accomplishment.” ~ Anonymous (Year 5)


Behind the Scenes of Orientation 2018

  • “I think Decor Committee agrees generally that the best part of this year was the mech and the weapons, but our hearts broke along with the weapons on finale night.” ~ Kai Yan
  • “Did you know the costumes haven’t been washed since they were made? They have all the sweat from filming and acting and fighting condensed into them, yet the actors endured it for the sake of a great orientation. Some parts of the costume were cardboard, there was so much sweat that the layers of cardboard separated.” ~ Kai Yan
  • “The Year 1s are so enthusiastic! They actually tried really hard for mass dance – their spirit is infectious so we did our best to guide them and teach them too.” ~ Kai Yan
  • “I don’t think the general school population realizes how much work is put into orientation and like how early preparations start. Like the Spirit Committee has a lot of songs go through before one is approved and they have to choreograph and teach SLs before orientation as well. Scriptwriters and the resource liaisons are always stressed. The Decor Committee can’t really start work either until November because we need to wait for everything to be finalised.” ~ Rachel Lim
  • “Executing the activities was quite hectic – we had to get to school pretty early and have briefings and double-check our logistics and locations (even scarier if we are having an external activity because you definitely can’t forget anything). Often some emergency of sort will crop up like delayed timings which required a lot of last minute coordination and game adjustments. It’s really a lot of  planning and attention to details and we have to stay hyped up all the time to keep the kids motivated.” ~ Rachel Lim
  • “Did y’all enjoy Orientation 2018? I never thought OPT would be so tiring, especially if you’re trying to hype the Year 5s who have been through this four times already (together with the fact that the Y5 Execution is the only committee with less than twenty members). But never mind that! OPT is fun! And I can say with confidence that the Year 5 Execution Committee did a great job in making OPT as exciting as possible. People’s reaction to the mech was the best reward for the Decor Committee. I would like to say this to the future OPT: Do your best! Be as crazy as possible! Shout as loud as possible! People will appreciate the effort! And remember to have FUN!” ~ Whelan Tang


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