CCA Fair 2018

Photo Credits to Media Club

By Clarisse

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Today is the day. The day where you will have to make a choice.

Yes, it is the day of CCA fair. Of the 27 CCAs, which will prevail?

The sound of mic checks draws you into the hall where the performing arts groups are preparing for their opening acts. Once the last student has been herded into the hall, the concert begins.

Chinese Orchestra’s harmonious presentation of Chinese music rivals Orchestra’s cheeky execution of the mass dance song. Next up, Gamelan’s hypnotic rhythm seems to put you under a spell, enchanting you to sign up for their club. Dance Club impresses with their smooth moves to the latest pop tunes while Drama Club amuses you with their dry humour and pun-riddled jokes. Finally, Choir wraps the show up with their melodic rendition of the song, “Cheap Thrills”.

Free to wander around, you head up to the concourse expecting to see more showcases of talent. What you do not expect however, is the horde of seniors offering flyers and tidbits in a bid to attract you to their booths. You take one of everything from each of them because it’s not everyday that people clamour to hand you freebies.

This ploy seems to work as you spot several of your level mates absorbed in intense games of chess or table tennis. Others are busy scoring hoops at the Netball and Basketball booths or attempting to curve soccer balls into the net. The Track and Field members’ enthusiasm is particularly infectious, sending the Outdoor Adventure Club students scurrying to distribute more flyers and gummy snacks.

Ears still ringing with the sports teams’ war cries, you continue down to peer at the Robotics Clubs’ creations and marvel at the grand telescopes belonging to the Astronomy Club. Suddenly, you feel a shadow cast on you and you look up to see a giant gavel loom over you. As you gape at the ginormous symbol of the Gavel and Debate Club, your attention is also directed to the works of the unassuming but tenacious Journalism Club.

Across both booths are the uniform groups with their equipment ranging from rifles to camping gear. While the NCC and Scouts show off their orderly formations, SJB members either skillfully display life-saving techniques or charge through the crowd carrying their friends on stretchers.

At this moment, your muscle memory is triggered by the sudden blasting of mass dance song courtesy of the Media Club. Your limbs start to move on their own accord and you are swept up in the wave of students breaking out into dance. As the crowd grooves as one to the beat, you silently thank the OGLs for forcing you to practice mass dance so you don’t embarrass yourself here.

When the song ends to rousing cheers and applause, the fair comes to a close at last. Your arms are piled with snacks and your mind is filled with impressions of every sport, club and uniform group, you head towards the dinner buffet, determined to make up your mind.

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