Orientation 2021

From 4th to 6th January, Orientation greeted new and returning students. However, recruitment for Student Leaders started way back in July 2020. Once the Orientation Planning Team (OPT) was confirmed, planning of the numerous activities and events that would occur across the three days of orientation soon began. Dry runs for the planned games were held during the holidays, so that OPT could refine and improve them. The House Committees also worked on their contributions to Orientation: floats and performances for Finale, as well as House Time activities. 

Despite Safe Management Measures (SMM) during Orientation, the students still managed to bond and have fun with students, especially amongst their classes. They were split into various groups and completed a multitude of engaging activities together, demonstrating resilience in tough times. 

For the Orientation finale, instead of the typical mass gathering of the school, the Year 1s were given the privilege to watch the performance live while the other levels remained in their classes due to SMM. Nevertheless, the quality of entertainment was not diminished! The Houses and Student Leaders all put on spectacular performances and the whole school danced together, the culmination of months of hard work as well as a brilliant end to the 3 fun-filled days of Orientation. 

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