Student Leaders’ Investiture 2019

By Shina and Janani

The Student Leaders’ Investiture, or SLI, is an annual event welcoming the new student leaders while honouring the contributions of the existing and past student leaders.

This year, the theme of SLI was Coalescence, which encapsulates the joining of different objects or elements to form one united body. This is symbolic of the structure of student leadership in our school, and emphasises the unity and interconnectivity of the different leadership boards to which we owe our success.

Our principal Mrs Lee, emphasised the importance of teamwork using the analogy of a boy flying a kite. What makes the kite fly? The boy controlling the kite, the wind blowing the kite, or the kite’s tail keeping it steady? All three work together to keep the kite soaring in the sky. Mrs Lee also explains the significance of every individual.  Elden Yap, the outgoing president of the 14th student council, encouraged the new student leaders to embrace change as well as the challenges that come along with it, stressing the importance of doing so. Elden also emphasised that as a leader of NUS High, it was crucial for the students to consider ways to leave a lasting legacy.

Following the speeches, the student leaders were invested, formally accepting their new roles. Finally, Yam Hong Meng, President of the 15th student council and Carlyne Li, Junior President, wrapped up the ceremony with a joint speech, stressing the importance of student leaders connecting with students; thus concluding SLI 2019.


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