Research Congress 2019

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Photo Credits to Oviya

By Oviya

Over 130 posters from NUS High, local, and overseas schools stood mounted in the school hall, marking Wednesday 20th of February as NUS High’s 12th Research Congress. This annual event is the culmination of our students’ efforts on their research journeys spanning months. Mrs Lee spoke of the resilient spirit of researchers as embodied by Nobel Laureate Frances H. Arnold in her opening speech; as an inspiration for our own students. Thereafter, in his keynote address as Guest of Honour, Research Director and Senior Consultant Neurologist at the National Neuroscience Institute, Professor Tan Eng King shared about his research on growing midbrains, a momentous milestone in drug research that facilitated further research into the human brain to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s. Professor Tan also shared about his education path, one that was not devoid of failures, but with persistence and resilience, he was eventually able to taste success. The presentation of the Inspiring Research Mentor awards was next as an expression of appreciation to numerous dedicated research mentors who have guided our students in their research journey. The ceremony drew to a close with presentations by selected researchers, one of whom was Quan Hao, who presented his project ‘Synthetic Apeture SONAR’. Quan Hao shared that “Even though my presentation was only ten minutes or so, there were many hours of preparation, reiteration of slides, and rehearsals over rehearsals in my own time. During research congress, students want to put out their project and pitch it at a level everybody can understand within the time constraint. I had to think of many creative ways to present my project in a way everyone will understand and this helped me understand the fundamentals of research better.”

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