Open House 2019

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Photo Credits to Yvette

By Yvette

13th April 2019, Saturday, saw thousands of students and parents alike flocking to NUS High, jam-packing the concourse, canteen and hall. Our floors felt the footsteps of potential students trodding all over it, visiting booth after booth in the concourse, and exploring every inch of our school in the school tour.

Open House 2019 called magnitudes of students back to school on a Saturday morning to man various booths for parents and students to marvel and participate in. In the concourse, subject and interest group booths lined the pathways. In the hall, CCA booths captured everyone’s attention with their displays. Not to mention, right smack at the entrance of the hall were colourful infographics explaining our school’s four houses- Faraday, Fibonacci, Faraday and Nobel. 

In the midst of all this activity, the flash mobs returned yet again this year to put on an invigorating mashup of mass dances from previous years’. The dance club jammed to songs that were sure to have conjured up memories for the older students. To wrap it up, they played this year’s mass dance song, prompting many of the student helpers to get up and dance as well! 

All in all, Open House 2019 was a smashing success, sure to linger in the minds of students and visitors alike.


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