family gathering

photo credits here

by clarisse

Pay no heed to the clamour
Towards his cousin’s wedded glamour
Winking under buzzing lights
It’s really not so much a sight

Matchless to the plates of gleaming gems,
that shine brilliantly, under fluorescent lights.

No cause to tune in and listen
Or watch the eyes of proud fathers glisten
At repeats of their boy’s academic feats
Oh come on, are you sure they don’t cheat?

There’s only one truth that he can’t deny
The cool, honeyed taste that’s so divine.

Make no attempt to join the crowd
Pointing out blurred figures in a shroud
Of Grandma’s poorly-lit old photographs
That give no reason to emit roaring laughs

Preserved slices sit pristine, encased within amber,
these frugal fossils await, only the lucky gambler.

No pause to look up and see
For what good spectacle could there be?
His second aunt’s growing hips
That draw jests from teasing lips

He only has eyes for the saccharine treats
His heart wobbles for the privilege to eat.

As they leave, the day is sweet
The memories fresh, the promises to meet
Still cling onto their little fingers
As they let their pleasantries linger

The unlicked gel of gelatinous sweets
Are a seal on his sticky digits. And
the jellies remain, jewel-bright
Lucious luminescence in his mind’s eye



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