photo credits here, edited

by cayden

I run to the swanky restaurant,
My dad’s words in my head.
“We’re having a fancy reunion dinner tonight.”
I lick my lips at the thought
Of eating good food that night.

We are barely seated when I draw the menu towards me
Like filings to a magnet.
Pork, Beef, Chicken, Shark fin soup,
But one in particular draws my attention.
“Jellyfish?” I exclaim in confusion.
The waiter frowns as he takes down the order.
“Are you sure that is what you want?”
He glances at me, question clear on his face.
I nod.

One by one the other dishes arrive.
Chicken soup, beef ribs and pork strips
All tease at my senses.
But I hold out for the best dish of all.
Finally, it arrives, a plate of…colourless jelly?
I sample the air tentatively.
No scent at all.
Cautiously I take a bite.
Ew! Tasteless chewy gelatin!

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