5 reasons why


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by cayden

Since young, I have written many pieces. Now, for a piece that is meta, autobiographical and most probably dull all at once: this is why I write!

  1. In conversation, being involved, interesting and informative is hard. In writing, conversely, it is a one-sided conversation, as well as one that can be edited as required and/or at one’s whim. Writing, as thus, allows one to create a monologue that reflects one’s expressed idea while being able to augment it with data from the internet.
  2. Being praised for one’s work is enjoyable for anybody, though admitting this, even in writing, seems narcissistic. However, it is true.
  3. Writing, as an activity, is a rare case where one’s Mother does not limit its activity. Therefore, using it for escaping work is a common, if immoral, habit.
  4. Stress is a byproduct of living. While people may prefer to rant to others about stress, in order to release it, I prefer not to, due to reason 1. As such, writing has become one’s stress ball, in a sense; something I can have a dialogue, however one-sided it may be, with, and something I can do any time.
  5. It’s better than drawing at expressing ideas, and I’m better at it. So, I press at a keyboard to illustrate ideas instead of using a pencil and ruler to do the same.


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