what it means to me

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by debraath

In a world where technology is used in daily life, writing is a big part of what constitutes our reading content. Social media sites like Twitter or Facebook is where people write to express their feelings or their thoughts. It can be a platform for people to release their feelings they have bottled up. Many write to classify their thoughts and to understand their inner self. As for me, I also like to write just for the sake of sorting out the things going in my mind. It helps me organise my thoughts. It is also a way for me to reflect on my ideas.

I also write for my personal enjoyment. It helps me relax and also makes me feel better. Writing is a medium through which people can wind down and freely expresses their emotions without any criticism. That is, only if your views don’t affect other people severely in any way. Writing can be done to earn credit or to impress others. However, I believe that writing is an art that can calm people’s minds, enrich their brains or even warm their hearts. Writing is a powerful and free way to express your creativity through mere words and phrases.

People can also use writing to bring forward their views on different topics that they feel is necessary to discuss. Advocacy can be implemented using many ways. People from various campaigns use empowering language and selected words to advocate their opinions and strong views regarding the campaign. This is often used in many campaigns to influence others’ opinion. Overall, people can use language as something to advocate their opinions and thoughts. I personally use writing to tell people about many demanding issues that are unheard of but need serious steps needed to be taken to rectify them.

I write for my personal interest as well. I consider writing a way to summarise things I have learnt or to tell others about what new knowledge I have acquired. Writing can be used to help others in many ways, if it is not misused. I write about things I have learnt to better remember them. Many people write articles based on misconceptions and other things that are not factually correct. This can affect the public’s opinion on particular subjects. In short, I feel that writing is a good way of expressing your emotions and your opinion but some people misuse it for their own advantages or personal benefits.

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