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by yi he

It’s just you and me here. The world fades away.

There are some things that I would never admit to anyone else.

A blank page is easy to fill. The ambiguous silence between us is not. The empty space in my life is not.

I don’t need to speak here. I won’t need to speak here. I’ll just take my time and think about what I have to say.

But there are so many words left unsaid. Is it still real if you’ve never said it out loud?

Is it still real if you’ve never written it down?

Maybe I’ll forget it when tomorrow comes.

That’s why you write things down – your grocery lists, your notes, your reports. So you don’t forget what happened, or what you still need to do. So you can organise your jumbled thoughts out and compact them neatly into words.

I like reading things that make me think or feel. Perhaps that’s why when I write, I tend to centre around things that I think or feel strongly about.

With so many printed or online materials being published daily, on top of those pre-existing ones, there is no shortage of words. It’s a wonder that words still have meaning after so long, that we still try to invent new ways to express things.

It’s hard to be original these days. Everything is just a bunch of words strung together. Nothing really has meaning until you attach one to it.

I cannot write if I cannot think or feel. That is the truth to my writing.

A love poem and a scientific report are both writings. They’re both words on paper. What makes them so different is the intention behind it, the feelings you hold when you craft your words together.

At least on this page, I can be whoever I want to be. I am free to create and express myself – I assume a fluid identity. Remember that I am responsible for what I write, but not for what you think.

I don’t need you to write. Here, I can exist without you. I will still exist without you. But it feels better with you here, someone to share my thoughts with. You give me motivation to continue writing.

You make me believe that I am worth your time.

Thank you, reader.

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