Colourfusion 2017

By Yvette Low

Colourfusion is a biennial event that gives students a platform to showcase their talents outside of Math and Science. This year, various performing art clubs have outdone themselves to provide an entertaining night for all.

To kick off the show, Gamelan performed two enchanting songs that seized the audience’s attention like no other. In stark contrast to Gamelan’s calming music, the School Orchestra followed up with an explosive piece that made every member in the audience sit a little straighter. Their first song, Black Granite, which represented the valor, courage and honor of the soldiers fighting in war, was captivating and had the audience perking up their ears until the very last moment. Next was a slower and soothing medley of Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, very creatively renamed Happy Birthday Little Star. The final song was a sweet and dreamy Chinese song titled 童话, a romantic fairytale love song.

Next up, the Drama Club performed a new and improved version of Jack and the Beanstalk, made into a heart-wrenching Greek tragedy. The cow character, Moo, wowed the audience with its realistic moos and captured the affections of everyone that night. Afterwards, the Chinese Orchestra helped us get over the loss of Moo with two melodious tunes, 琉璃 (Glass Bead) and 征途 (Journey).

Following that, the Dance Club put up an elegant display with soft, pastel colours. A tranquil atmosphere spread throughout the hall, though it was completely shattered the minute Team Kuro stepped onto the stage. Team Kuro, a dance group which claimed the crown in Talent Search 2017, amazed their audience with their hip-hop dance moves. They had the audience cheering with their impressively synchronized choreography and the sharpness of their every maneuver.

The last performing club of the night was Choir. The three pieces they sang were Bunga Sayang, a LaLa Land medley and Balleilakka. Their colour-coordinated shirts were also arranged in a rainbow colour scheme, which was very aesthetically satisfying. Finally, every act banded together to perform together in the finale. With ribbons flying in the air from the dance club and the lively Choir members swaying to the beat, the performance was nothing short of spectacular.

After an exciting night, the audience rose to sing a prideful rendition of the school song. This year’s Colourfusion definitely would not be an easily forgettable one.

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