Ignitus 2019 – Finale

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By Janani

After days of battling bioweapons and satisfying the spirits, Orientation 2019 was finally coming to an end. Students dressed in red, yellow, green and blue huddled together on the track and grandstand, chattering excitedly as they awaited the ever-exciting finale. This year, as a delightful addition to the traditional house floats, the Year 1 students put up commendable performances for all to enjoy.

The awe-inducing floats were designed and built over three days. As the tribe of the plains, Faraday kick-started the finale with a striking rustic float, with the Year 1s carrying shields showcasing celtic knots while the other years carried daggers. Representing the desert, Fibonacci designed a marvellous rotating pyramid bearing the Egyptian Eye of Horus. The youngest ‘tribesmen’ wore chest plates, while the seniors donned fearsome face masks. Hailing from the shores, Fleming came up with a totem inspired by waves and the sea. As people of the mountains, Nobel created an intricate green dragon fearsome and strong as the people of the tribe shone beautiful lights through green bottles.

Although the school was split into the four houses, they were united by their anticipation to see the story finally unfold, with Elder Zaza being awoken from her trance. The campfire blazed high and bright for the first time in 5 years, a reflection of the school’s high spirits. As one, they clapped and cheered for the Tribe Chiefs and Student Leaders, who gave their all in an impressive performance and dance.

This year, we also witnessed the birth of a new tradition. For the first time in NUS High’s history, the seniors were given the opportunity to initiate the first-year students by presenting them with LED flames as well as school badges, a symbol of NUS High.

Finally, the finale drew to a close with a bang. The school gathered on the track, dancing their hearts out and chanting for encore after encore. As students dragged their tired feet off the track with satisfied grins on their face, it was clear that Orientation 2019 was a success.

Update: The results for Orientation 2019 are out! In first place, we have Fleming, followed by Nobel, Faraday, Fibonacci.


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