Quest for the Purapura Leaves

Photo Credits to the Media Club

By Debraath

This year, the Year 2s were presented with an unprecedented opportunity to go for an overnight camp at the Dairy Farm Outdoor Learning Adventure Camp for three days. The excited students gathered in school on the first morning of orientation, eagerly awaiting the buses that would take them to the campsite.

On the first day, the students got to familiarise themselves with their new classes and played games and icebreakers to get to know their classmates better. After getting to know each other and having their lunch, they got to try out low element activities such as wall climbing. In the process, the Year 2s learned that trusting and supporting one another was key in succeeding in the low elements. Furthermore, as part of class bonding efforts, each class had to design their own flag and hide it within the campground. They were also tasked with finding the flags of the other classes over the course of the camp.

On the second day, the campers faced their fears in the both anticipated and dreaded high elements course. The wind was merely added to the fear factor, shaking the ropes and planks suspended at high altitudes. However, the students boosted one another’s morales and managed to complete the course, with a rewarding zipline that most of them enjoyed.

After lunch, the Year 2s had to scale and reach the summit of Bukit Timah Hill. For many of them, this was a fresh experience. Despite the difficulties they faced, the campers persevered and were immensely proud of themselves considering they had taken the hardest route to reach the summit.

The fun didn’t stop when the sun went down. At night, the students had to cooperate and solve clues to find a keycode, which they needed to unlock the antidote to the virus. The facilitators also roleplayed as infected tribesmen who needed the antidote desperately.

While the students were excited by the prospect of seeing their family, they were also disappointed that their time at the campsite had drawn to a close so quickly. In the end, they managed to return with the Purapura leaves they had left to find and also knowing their classmates much more than before.


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