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Journsplit: Shrek

Whether you consider Shrek an all star or just a mediogre movie, you’ll probably enjoy this episode of Journsplit, where Aditi and Ryan discuss actors, accents, and try not to go ogre-board with the puns. Person 1: Hi everyone! Welcome back to Journsplit! Today we will be talking about the eight time award winning movie, the very first animated featureContinue reading “Journsplit: Shrek”

Chersplit! – Ms Gordon

Welcome to Chersplit! In this episode, Ms Caroline Gordon, our teacher IC, tells us about how she joined our school and tells us about a star day tradition!


by the journalism club Neon – the chemical element of atomic number 10, an inert gaseous element of the noble gas group. Take a deep dive into this informative and fun piece about neon!


by the journalism club As we gain experience from the inevitable passing of time, some things seem to become all the more distant from us. A vivid moment we once thought was the best of our lives, became a forgotten memory, hidden under the weight of our age. In these pieces, we explore the meaning of distance – be itContinue reading “distance”

Journsplit: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Part B)

In the second part of our miniseries on A Series of Unfortunate Events, Skylar and Lokesh reference references and the effects of the on-screen adaptation on the series. Skylar: Hey school, journsplit is back with another episode; I’m Skylar, and this is the second part of the ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ miniseries, where we will be covering Books 4Continue reading “Journsplit: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Part B)”

The Curious Issue

The Curious Issue This is The Curious Issue. Written in 2019 by members of the Journalism Club, The Curious Issue has a very interesting history. Flashback to the end of 2018 – the beginning of 2019: The Journalism Club had questions. Many questions. And they wanted answers. Good answers. They hoped against hope that someday, answers would fall into theContinue reading “The Curious Issue”


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