a romantic conclusion

by david cheng, photo credits.

There she was standing,

Off in the distance.

I look at her,

And I can’t help but smile.

He appears.

He stands beside her.

Time’s flow freezes painfully still,

just now is now a blur.

She fixes her attention on him,

bathing in the aura of his shadow.

Where was the surreal comfort

of yesterday’s it’s ok.

She reflects her golden smile back to him.

Her fingers weaving together with his,

as I feel something wet roll down my cheeks,

and pattering against the hard floor.

My spine uncoils upwards into a tightrope of human bones,

held up tight by nervous tension.

Something in my chest collapses into a black hole,

a dead star that weighs down upon a pierced soul.

He reaches out to her.

Like the moon against the sun,

His lips eclipses hers,

They kiss.

I look at her and try to smile.

It’s not working anymore.

My eyes are sunken,

And my lips trembling.

Mutter to myself I understand

through a strangled throat and drowned out words,

as little red petals crumple

under the pressure of my numbed palms.

He turns to the horizons of the endless nightfall,

and she follows each of his every step.

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