photo credits here, edited.

by Sneha Joseph

(i) Love.

I submerge my entire being
In a sea of celestial wonders
cavorting in skin and scars.
Feel the crashing sounds of tempestuous waves.
Albeit the storm, I was safe. (with you.)

(ii) Comfort.

Unilluminated Heavens
Reflected on bubbling sea froth,
All deliquesced in the abstract art of your irises.
You were the sea I wanted to lose myself in.

(iii) Heartbreak.

Then suddenly, a gargantuan stretch of the sea
Rushes to enclose my body
Undercurrents dragging me deeper
Further and further away from the
Sympathy of a trembling sky.

It is then that you tell me
You wanted the oceans;
(But I could only give you the sea.)

(iv) Letting go.

But I struggle.
Struggle against the tempestuous waves
(that once protected me.)
Pushing through the waves,
I surface, gasping for air.
Breathing into realization,
that humans cannot abandon their soul
to one emotion.


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