Two of a Kind

 photo credits here, edited.

by Celine Cheow

Underneath the shrouds of blues
Entrapped by turbulent waves
Fragmented by its extremities and people
Lay the continent of Taazlin.

Beneath the eternal cloak of bright aquamarine
Where the star Sundaz spewed its light and warmth
Where dusky sand drifted and thin grasses swayed
Thrived the tanned tribes of vibrant Vurdae.

Blanketed by navy dotted with silver
Covered by an eternal white frost
The communities of careful Cartelians subsisted
With the aid of their own creations.

Alas, both the Vurdaeans and Cartelians
Continuously critiqued each other’s choice of habitat
For neither understood why the other savoured
The very thing they themselves despised.

For the Vurdaeans never understood
Why the Cartelians loved their gelid gales and zen-like darkness
Why they loved their thick fur coats
Why they loved to fish for their food and water.

For the Cartelians never understood
Why the Vurdaeans loved the scorching heat and blinding light
Why they loved their flimsy clothes
Why they loved to cut down innocent plants for their food and water.

Yet, all the Vurdaeans and Cartelians failed to see
That they had never taken time to listen to each other
That neither land rained life’s most vital elixir
And that after all, they were trapped within the same continent together.

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