All Roads Lead To

by Lim Yi He

photo credits here, edited.


I left the nest as soon as I could fly,

Eager to soar, eager to try.

Been everywhere in a single night,

Life’s a highway lane in which you realize

That you don’t feel like stopping

When there’s no one in sight.


But meals became a dreary affair

Where you sit alone,

Munching slowly on

Cold takeaway foods.

You had never realised before

That silence, has a sound.


Days pass and it feels like nothing changes.

The sky is still blue and the sun still shines,

Life goes on, and as they say,

Just like a missing tooth,

An absence is always more noticeable

Than a presence.


After many years, I’ve

Walked down most paths of life.

Walked through flames,

Walked through a maze.

But my feet always take me

My heart always points me

Back to that familiar, unforgettable path.


The door swings open after the first knock,

Tearful hugs, delighted faces, and most of all,

“Welcome home.”


They may say that all roads lead to Rome,

But I’d say that all roads lead you back to


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