SAD 2017: Mr Yuen

Mr Yuen Xiang Hao

  1.      What is an alternative ambition of yours?

Writer. Or photographer.

  1.      Favourite Singaporean food?

Coffee and toast and half boiled eggs.

  1.      What food would you order if you were to go to McDonald’s?

At the moment, Mcwings meal.

  1.      Favourite book?

Futuretrack 5 by Robert Westall.

  1.      Do you have any pets? Details!!

I am currently co-owned by two cats that won’t stop fighting.

  1.    Go-to clothing store?


  1.      iPhone or Samsung?

Sony. If pressed, Samsung, but only for incendiary purposes.

  1.      What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Well, there’s the instalments on the house, instalments on the car,  Xueling’s future      education, the possibility of going on no-pay leave to get my further degree…

  1.      Alma mater?

British School of the Netherlands.

  1.    Name of your first partner?


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