SAD 2017: Ms Ivy Koo

Ms Ivy Koo

  1.  What is an alternative ambition of yours?

Makeup Artist

  1.  Favourite Singaporean food?

Beef noodles

  1.  What food would you order if you were to go to McDonald’s?

Double cheeseburger meal

  1.  Favourite book?

Do you include TIME mag?

  1.  Do you have any pets? Details!!

Yes, a 5 year old adopted shih tzu which has a rare colour combination of black and white

  1.  Go-to clothing store?

Cotton On, H&M, Adidas Original

  1.  iPhone or Samsung?


  1.  What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Never thought about it.

  1.  Alma mater?


  1.  Name of your first partner?

Hmmmm, I cannot recall which one…


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