Staff Appreciation Day 2017

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Staff Appreciation Day is the day we show teachers and staff our immense appreciation for the efforts that they have put in for the students. Hence this year, we decided to find out more about the people they are, beyond being our teachers. As such, after stringently formulating a series of wonderful criteria, we selected a small group of teachers and sent them a list of questions. The responses were not only interesting, but also gave more insight into the teachers’ lives when they aren’t reprimanding unruly children. Without further ado, here are some things you may or not know about your favourite teachers!

Ms Asrina Binte Sani

Mr Yuen Xiang Hao

Ms Lee Sheau Huey

Mr Seow Yongli

Mr Don Yeo

Mr Clifton Soh

Mrs Joyce Tan

Mrs Fernandez

Mr Low Fook Hong

Ms Dass

Ms Kong Yee Ching

Ms Ivy Koo

Ms Chua Bann

Mr Terence Cayden Fong

Ms Lim Jia Hui


Of course, aside from the teachers, we contacted some of our non-teaching staff too! Some responses from our lovely admin staff:

Ms Celestine Arlando

Dr Tan

Ms Ang

Ms Jade Lee


Lastly, the photos we have so far:

(we welcome further submissions of photos from the staff!)

Once again, thank you to all the staff for all the effort put into running the school (and for responding)!


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