Speech Day 2018

Photo Credits to Media Club

By Janani

The annual Speech Day acknowledges and celebrates the academic and holistic achievements of NUS High’s students and staff. Speech Day this year started off with an opening performance by the Dance Club.

Following this, Mrs Lee shared our school report, highlighting all the achievements of NUS High’s staff and students for the past year. She announced our school’s new vision, “Future-ready Pioneers, Humanitarians and Innovators for the world” whose mission is to “to inspire and shape the future of education in Mathematics and Science”.  

We also got a chance to find out about new, exciting programmes that the school has planned for in line with our new vision and mission; such as the upcoming Maker Fest, tdhe Humanitarian Education Programme and the AlumNUSH, a portal to archive all past and present research projects that all students can share and build on each others’ ideas. Mrs Lee also honoured members from the Parent Support Group who are part of the NUS High ecosystem.

Our Guest of Honour, Ms Jacqueline Poh (Chief Executive of the Government Technology Agency) gave a refreshing presentation on the theme ‘Making a Smart Nation’. Emphasising the importance of moving forward as a smart nation, she explained the role everyone had to play and raised awareness about the development of a smart nation.

After this, many NUS High students were honoured for their achievements. One of the members of NUS High’s Board of Governors, Mr Chandran Mohan K. Nair who is a well-reputed lawyer in the prestigious law firm Tan Rajah & Cheah, was honoured with the Service to Education award for his many contributions over the years to the success of NUS High.

To show our appreciation to Ms Jacqueline Poh, Mrs Lee presented her with a beautiful artwork entitled ‘My World of Fun-ternet’ by our student Troang Huong Anh. Our melodic High School Choir and Chinese Orchestra closed the event with a beautiful rendition of El Guayaboso and a ballad from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast respectively. Finally, awardees, parents and invited guests proceeded to the canteen and library for refreshments to wrap up the day.

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