secret truths

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by yi he

have you ever thought about how at the end of the day, the only person who ever truly knows yourself is you?

you can reveal yourself to someone, show your inner cogs and workings over the course of time, bare yourself down to the bone and strip yourself of all your secrets. but there will still be some thoughts, some things about yourself that you keep to only yourself, hidden away from everyone else. skeletons in the closet that doesn’t exist to the rest of the world.

no one will ever know everything about you. you yourself made sure of that.

you see them. no one else does. it’s an exclusive relationship, you and your little secret truths. the truths that you keep buried in the muted corners of your mind, a graveyard that no one else visits other than you. you have stayed silent with them for so long that you’ve forgotten that you needed to express yourself.

the truths then slowly decompose underground, rotting underneath all the lies and excuses you tell yourself. at the end of the day you won’t even remember them – insignificant and sometimes inconvenient truths about yourself that you choose not to face. you successfully untold a truth that you have told to no one but yourself.

is the truth still a truth if no one knows it? you can have your truth, i will have mine.

what you see may not be what i see, and we all have our own versions of the truth. there are some things that cannot be proven. some things just are the way they are, whether or not you choose to accept it is another question.

but even if everything can be proven, does it even matter?

it is in the ambiguity of truth that creativity thrives upon. if everything was set in stone and truth was the law of the universe, why would you need to think? it is because we question so-called truths that we discover something new. 

you can search for gold amongst the pyrite that glitters around you, but what exactly are you looking for? the pursuit of truth itself is illusory; just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real. the veins curling beneath your skin, the secret truths that no one knows about (not even you).

allow yourself to explore these secret truths, you might find something you never knew before.

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